6 Reasons Why Pinterest Is Awesome For Social Media Marketing

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The first time I heard about the Pinterest quite many years ago, was from a young lady who bragged about pictures of herself, her cooking, her hobbies and such. For me it was kind of later edition of MySpace for late teenage girls and bored housewives, a fashion trends that come and go.

Little I knew then, that I will be looking seriously at this platform as a means of marketing. And here is why Pinterest is awesome for social media marketing:

1. Pinterest has a huge engaged audience.

According to Omnicore the total number of the Pinterest monthly active users exceeds 300 million. The infograph below taken from the blog of Angie Gensler, an acclaimed marketing blogger and a leading Pinterest marketer, shows 250 million active monthly users, in her post and Angie explains very eloquently why the Pinterest marketing is not to ignore. This is a market place, no one can ignore.

why Pinterest is awesome for social media marketing

2. Sales conversion

Now, looking and studying the infograph, one might say: hello! Look at Facebook! It’s bigger than Pinterest!
Yes, however, compared with Facebook and other social media, Pinterest makes the path from visitor to lead to sale much easier than on Facebook or Twitter because the pinners are open to buy. Imagine, 2/3 of the content saved to Pinterest, comes from people promoting and selling affiliate or their own products.

3. The pinners prefer to follow their liked brands to the celebrities

Some of the so-called influencers have enormous following. For example, Kim Kardashian has more than 354 million followers on Instagram, over 62 million on Twitter and 28 Million on Facebook. However, ask yourself: would you be ready to buy from Kardashian women or from reputable company such as Dior?

4. The above reasons point to Pinterest driving boundless traffic

Any website owner knows that: good kind of traffic generates good quality leads and converts to sales. Now, the amount of SEO work and, most importantly, the cost of the good SEO company managing website is very costly: $5000.- and up. Small businesses can’t afford that kind of money. The other solution is running the ads either on Google or Facebook. Depending on niche competitiveness, the $5000.-/month mark Google ads can be reached fast. In comparing, with the right tools and training, a small business owner can manage his own pin funnels for a LOT less of the cost.

5. Pinterest generates referral traffic

Through the pins, the websites promoted on Pinterest, receive not just lots of traffic; they receive tons of traffic through the referral system. If you pin is appealing and finds lots of love, it will be pinned and re-pinned; hence, other people will promote your business without you paying them affiliate commissions.

6. The pins receive more inbound links

The sharing pins causes a growth in the inbound links. It’s true, these are nofollow link, therefore, not playing a considerable role on the SEO side. Hence, although, follow links are important for Google rankings, the potential website visitors do not care about follow or nofollow links. They click and come to the inner pages where specific product or service is detailly described and offered.

Granted, not every kind of business is good for Pinterest marketing. Certainly, a small local driving school will not benefit from the Pinterest promotions. On the other hand, a business owner who sells products, be it on the brick and mortar or on the virtual eBay or Etsy store, or an entrepreneur offering digital services will prosper by correctly implementing Pinterest social marketing.

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