The Benefits Of Hiring A Google Maps SEO Expert

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What is Google Maps SEO?

Google Maps SEO is a feature of search engine optimisation that enables local businesses to rank higher on Google map listings. Google Map SEO is vital for maximising your internet presence. It will help local customers and anyone seeking your services near you to find you easily.

Google has spent extensive resources to map out the globe comprehensively. Apart from a geographical location guide, a Google map offers its users directions to the closest destination where they can find whatever they need. Digital marketers significantly take advantage of Google map SEO to improve their ranking on Google search engine. Google’s artificial intelligence software does not make mistakes.

Why is Google Map Listing Optimisation Important For Your Business?

GMB (Google My Business) management and optimisation is a technique that adopts a strategic Google Maps marketing strategy to improve business ranking on Google location and search results. People who search for businesses find results of local places near them. Google uses its Google location feature to provide the most relevant results according to the proximity of the search. Local businesses that rank higher on Google benefit from a lot of exposure and more local customers who maximise their sales. A correct approach to Google My Business optimisation and management will help you to create awareness of your business and attract more customers.

Google Map Listing Optimisation St. Bernardine MediaEven though most businesses assume that Google will automatically bring them up in case of a search, this is not the case. As a business owner, you need to optimise your GMB so that you can appear in relevant searches. Google Map listing optimisation adopts a strategic approach that will help your business to rank higher when someone searches for your services. A higher ranking requires a reliable Google Maps marketing strategy so that you can maximise your search potential. Using Google map SEO will enable you to receive unlimited traffic to your business website, which translates to direct conversions.

In these times of uncertainty, Google and Facebook are facing an enormous revenue loss in ads: $44 Billion to be exact, according to That means, less ads will be placed before your search engine listing. That also means that this is the best time to position your business in front of everybody else. Google Maps is where you start. This is particularly important maintain your business, even while it is in hibernation. When this unfortunate crisis is over, your business will remain and be on top of the competition.

GMB management and optimisation is pretty challenging if you are not an SEO expert. Additionally, the type of business you run will determine the best approach to attaining a higher rank. Fortunately, you can outsource GMB services from companies that specialise in Google My Business optimisation and management.

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Finding A Reliable Company For Your Google Maps Marketing Strategy

Setting up a business profile on Google My Business is easy. Why should you then hire someone else to manage your GMB? The fact about GMB optimisation is that it is not just about adding your business details and waiting for the magic to happen. GMB optimisation adopts various techniques to come up with a tight description of your business that fits your company to the core. St. Bernardine Media, a specialised GMB SEO company will take you through the hurdles of setting up your page. Some benefits of a specialised SEO company are:

  • continually adding content to your listing and website so that it is always active and relevant.
  • tracking your listing’s performance so that they can work on its development.
  • monitoring and reply to reviews and inquiries on the listing.
  • customising your images according to local SEO rules so your business site will jump to the front page on top of other business in Google My Business listing.

We will save you a lot of time and energy that you would have spent doing research and using trial and error.

A specialised Google Map SEO company such as St. Bernardine Media, will help you to stay on top of the game by designing a credible listing that will not only attract the attention of your visitors but also assure them that you are the right company for all their needs.


Google Maps SEO is necessary if you want your business to grow or succeed. Taking this weight off your hands by hiring SEO experts is the best solution. St. Bernardine media is one of the most reliable SEO specialised service organisations in Australia. We specialise in digital marketing services, particularly, in Google My Business optimisation and management. St. Bernardine Media has served the community of Perth, Western Australia. Our experience ensures that we deliver cutting edge solutions for all small businesses by designing, optimising, and managing their GMB listings.

If you are a local business or a small business owner who has been struggling to reach higher ranks on Google Maps 3 pack/search, we are your best shot. If you are also too occupied to handle business listing activities, you can depend on us. Contact us today for reliable GMB optimisation services, or if you need any information about our services and our rates. With us, the success of your business is around the corner.

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