Google Business Profile Management Service

There are thousands of businesses vying for your customer’s attention online. Therefore, a professionally created GBP listing should be managed with the right understanding of what and how your customers search and how Google ranks local search results. However, this is no easy task for a small business owner and getting the help of a Google Business management service can make a massive difference.

Why Hire An Expert To Manage The Google Business Listing?

It saves time.

Managing the GBP profile can cost a significant amount of time for a small business owner. Therefore, hiring St. Bernardine Media, a dedicated GMB expert, can relieve the valuable time much needed to run your business.


google my business management service

Provides access to technical expertise.

Habitual consistency and expertise are required to manage a GBP listing for effective results. St. Bernardine Media will

  apply SEO to your GBP posts to ensure that Google ranks your business in its search results

  enhance Google Maps visibility

  map and monitor targeted keywords

  add more SEO-targeted photos

  generate and manage GBP reviews

  ensure local GBP SEO.

And a Google My Business management expert can take care of all these technical aspects and help your business generate more revenue and increase ROI.

What does St. Bernardine Media’s Google Business Management Service offer?

Our GBP (formerly: Google My Business) Service is designed with one goal in mind – to boost your Google My Business ranking. This is why we apply smart, efficient, and data-driven techniques to manage your GBP profile for optimum results.

Our Google Business Management Services include:

1. GBP Posting Service

Google posts are essential to create effective engagement with your customers. Posts on services, product updates, offers and promotions, events, announcements, and blog posts can all play a dynamic role in enhancing your customer experience and conversion:

  service posts direct traffic to your service or product pages

  location posts use locally targeted keywords to improve Google Maps visibility and provide more relevant search rankings

  review posts boost the credibility of your business by using positive reviews not only from GMB but also from Facebook, Yelp, and other relevant platforms

  blog posts offer authoritative insights into your business blog.

2. Managing Google Reviews.

Google reviews are important to your GBP profile and search rankings. Our GBP Management Services will

 generate and manage positive customer reviews effectively

supply a chatbot software that interacts and engages with your customers, providing 24/7 support.

Naturally, we will further customise and geotag any new images you will provide to generate more visits to your Google Business page.

GMB listing

Why Choose Our Google Business Management Service?

St. Bernardine Media will manage GMP listing effectively and regularly to ensure that your customers receive relevant and up-to-date information every time. GBP posting consistency creates a better customer experience, increases conversion and also  ensures Google’s higher ranking, better visibility and online presence of your business.

Our expertise in managing GBP listings for small businesses means you can safely leave that responsibility with us. Using our targeted strategies, technical capabilities, and top-notch customer service, we will ensure that you receive tailored services to suit your unique business needs.

It’s straightforward, affordable and eliminates ambiguity for a hassle-free experience.

And what’s more, our GBP Management Services are available at a pre-agreed fixed monthly fee without the hassle of long-term contracts. You can terminate our services at any time. It’s that simple.

So, call us today and find out how you could grow your business with a GBP listing using our Google Business Management services.

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