Why Google My Business is The Most Important Thing In Local Marketing


There is no doubt that for small businesses wanting to rank in the local area that ‘Google My Business’ (GMB) is one of the most important platforms. As a matter of fact, it is the most crucial in your local marketing efforts. This tool is free to use. It enables a local enterprise to spread their online presence, profile and brand on the Google Maps, GMB Business listing and in the general online search. In short, it may be regarded as a cross between a social media platform and an online business directory.

In order to have full control over GMB account, it must be verified. The verification process may take several weeks as Google sends a postcard with verification PIN. This process ensures that your business is legitimate and indeed located where it is listed.

After verifying the business information, the owner or appointed GMB manager provides all the information about the commercial activities: products, services and charitable works. In the eyes of Google, a GMB-verified business is reputable and trustworthy.

Your business is ready to be listed on Google Business directory.

As a social media platform, Google My Business is very easy to manage, indeed. It works similarly to platforms such as Facebook. Therefore, it will help to interact with customers and enrich user experience and trust. You will do it by:

    • Sharing latest and useful information such as opening hours, directions, sales, offers, events and photos;
    • While customers may engage with the business by leaving reviews, respond to other people reviews or ask questions.

How does this all tie together?

In your GMB account, you can find the search terms that the prospective customers / clients are inputting in Google search when they look for the services or products related to what your business offers. Then you may include these search keywords on your GMB and other social media platforms posts as well as on your business website. Google’s crawl spider will read your information and will connect it to the search conducted on the search engine. Then it will send the interested people into your website.

google my business graphicAdditionally, if you supply detailed information about your company, about the dealings, employments and such, Google will present that thorough information on a so-called Knowledge Panel. Apart of the information supplied by the company, the Knowledge Panel will also include relevant third-party engagements such as reviews and online sources.

Companies that are located in a certain city or town, will be listed on Google Maps with their exact address. This is very important. Today’s searching trend is to go directly to Google Maps to find shops and services closest to the resident. For example, if you look for a dentist, you go to Google Maps to find the nearest one to your home or employment.

I have a mobile business. I have a virtual office.

However, tradies such as plumbers, electricians, pest control workers, mobile beauticians and hairdressers, cannot pinpoint their physical address, because they are taking their business with them when they travel to place of service.

No worries. Now, you may take advantage of GMB features to optimise your business to multiple locations around the city. As long as you have a physical address with opening hours. You also need someone can to answer a phone calls and meet a customer face to face.

Nevertheless, we do in fact help others to set up their own Google My Business accounts. We also maintain them afterwards. Contact us for more. We are dedicated to help you.